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Bitcoin: Currency of the Future

A few people still find it hard to understand what we mean by Bitcoin. Bitcoin is digital money, that was created in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, we still don’t know if it is a group of people or one person. It officially became known in 2009, when it was released, since then, many other currencies have sprung up, a few of them are Eutherum, Ripple, Stellar and more. But what is it about Bitcoin that humans find so interesting, let’s find out. There’s much you need to know about Bitcoin but here are a few important things.

Bitcoin is a non-central digital tender, without any operation by a central bank or single organization. This legal tender, can be sent from user to user directly. The term “blockchain”, is the system which transactions are verified by a network and recorded in a public ledger. Bitcoin has been praised and criticized, one of the criticisms is its use in illegal transactions and purchases because it is untraceable. This currency is created by a process called mining, and this process uses up electricity. Also, the price of Bitcoin is unstable and it’s constantly in a state of flux because of the supply and the demand. So, the higher the demand, the higher the price and vice vasa.

While Bitcoin is currently the most

The creation of Bitcoin has changed the process of buying and selling, as more of us want to get paid in Bitcoin reason being it is untraceable and a good investment. Although there are risks in investing in Bitcoin, people still invest large sums of money into it. Bitcoin is now said to be the currency of the future, as we are now moving toward a more global approach to economy. This currency is being bought and sold in counties, even though it is termed “illegal” in some countries because the economies of such countries are threatened by the digital cash, as it looks like it’s going to take over from cash.

While Bitcoin is currently the most valued cash and people want it to be made legal money. It is only being restricted because it is untraceable and if it is made legal, it will allow the already high profiting organized crime to perform illegal transactions without being traced. Bitcoin is the leading virtual cash, and is now considered the future of Economics and Finance. Some persons find the buying of Bitcoin hard, as most don’t know the right platforms to purchase and store Bitcoin. These are a few of the most popular and trusted Bitcoin exchange platforms and wallet generators. So, you can know the right Bitcoin trading service to purchase Bitcoin and other virtual currencies from.

Is the most famous place to


Is the most famous place to buy, store and trade Bitcoin and other online currencies. It is a Bitcoin block explorer service and a digital currency wallet, that gives a breakdown on Bitcoin data charts and current market information. This Bitcoin site was created on the 30th of August 2011, since then, it has dominated Bitcoin wallet and trade, with top services and security. Blockchain allows its traders to easily swap online tenders, so users can easily converted Bitcoin to Eutherum or Stellar. This site allows its customers to send and receive Bitcoin, with service fees included so you can send Bitcoin to family or friends with ease. So, if you’re looking for a Bitcoin place that has all these, then Blockchain is a good choice.

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Is another popular option for people who are interested in getting involved with Bitcoin. This platform was created by Brian Armstrong and Fred Eshram in June 2012, is one of the leading providers of Bitcoin services for the purchase of Bitcoin and other online currencies, they have recorded Bitcoin transactions and storages in 190 counties. Coinbase is one of the best Bitcoin forums, Coinbase is also the leading Bitcoin exchange in the United States. It offers traders a variety of products including virtual currency, accounts for institutions, an advanced platform and wallet for small investors. Coinbase has over 25 digital currencies for trading, investing and staking. They have one of the simplest user interface as it is easy to sign up and purchase Bitcoin within minutes.

Bitcoin: Currency of the Future


Is a bit different from others because they use peer to peer Bitcoin marketplace, based in Helsinki, Finland, it was founded by Jerimais Kangas in June 2012. LocalBitcoin, uses over-the-counter trade of Bitcoin for local money. Traders post advertisements on the website, and they are allowed to select their exchange rates and payment methods for the exchange of Bitcoin. Other users reply these advertisements and make payment with the payment methods specified by the sellers. LocalBitcoin has an escrow and conflict resolution service, a reputation and feedback mechanism for traders. This allows for safe transaction between users and ensures they don’t get scammed on the service. LocalBitcoin is one of the leading platforms, where users are the ones involved in the buying and selling of Bitcoin.


Like LocalBitcoin, paxful uses user to user Bitcoin platform, where customers are the ones who do the buying and selling. With over 300 payment methods, this over-the-counter trading site where you interact with users advertisements on the platform to purchase Bitcoin, is one of the pillars of Bitcoin system. Paxful oversees the buying and selling of $25 million worth of Bitcoin every week and employees over 50 staff in offices around the world. Like most peer to peer organizations, Paxful doesn’t control the wallets, accounts and payment options, but only act as a supervisory body to traders of these wallets, accounts and instruments to trade among themselves. So, if you’re looking for a Bitcoin platform with these qualities, then Paxful is the way to go.

All organizations outlined are the best Bitcoin sites, but there are more places which offer the same services as the ones above. Bitcoin trade is the future and understanding it is key. So, if you’re interested in Bitcoin, visit one of the platforms above. Bitcoin trading is a very tricky one, so you have to be careful and know when to buy and when to sell. Keep in mind that when the price is high, you sell and when it’s low you buy. Bitcoin exchange is fun and exciting once you get the hang of it, and you’re going to make a lot of money.